It has come to my attention about a new software program being offered on the internet. It is called THIRD VOICE, and if you haven't heard about it, I highly suggest you visit the links I'll give you below.

    Basically, it is a free program that you download, that allows you (JQ Surfer), to post "sticky notes" on *any* website you visit. These notes can be made public (to other surfers who have the Third Voice software), private (you are the only one who can read them), or made available to groups of people that you specify. Sound interesting? Read on...

    Perhaps you're like me...a webmaster who has devoted many long hours to developing your website to be just the way you want it. It is safe for people of *all ages* to come and visit, you've checked it in all the major browsers, etc. etc.

    Then along comes someone with the Third Voice software installed on their computer, and they decide to leave a "sticky note" on your website. So, they highlight a *word* and are able to post a note on your site. What kind of note? Well, perhaps it's a good note about your site, but I think we all realize what sorts of notes will most likely be left...flames about the webmaster, personal information about the webmaster and/or their families (which is easy enough for anyone to obtain and then post), hyperlinks to pornographic websites, etc etc etc. And maybe they decide to not only post your personal information on *your* site, but on other sites as well!

    Now here's the "kicker"...ONLY THOSE THAT HAVE THE THIRD VOICE SOFTWARE INSTALLED CAN READ and/or POST NOTES!! So, if you, the webmaster, do not go to the TV site, and download their software, you will be unaware of this sort of thing happening to YOUR site! AND, EVEN IF YOU, THE WEBMASTER, INSTALL THE SOFTWARE AND FIND THE NOTES ON YOUR SITE, YOU CANNOT REMOVE THEM!!!! Only Third Voice can remove any notes posted anywhere...why? Because the notes are not *actually* posted on your site, they are an *overlay* of your site. Think of it like a piece of plastic or cellophane, laid over your site, and the user then writes on the plastic...they are not actually "defacing" your site, but yet, they ARE defacing it...see what I mean?

    Any other visitors to your site that have the TV software installed, will not see the site the way YOU designed it...they will see it with all these little "marks" that represent "sticky notes"...if they click on "load notes", all the "sticky notes" posted on that site will open up...Personally, I do not want ANYONE doing ANYTHING to my site that I didn't do myself, and certainly not WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! I don't like being FORCED to download the software, simply to see if any notes have been posted, and I DO NOT LIKE NOT BEING ABLE TO REMOVE THEM FROM MY SITE!!

    I, like many of you, PAY for my web space, and I feel it is a personal invasion of my rights, as well as a copyright infringement, for just anyone to come along and deface what I've worked so hard to build. So, rather than be forced to download the program, I will remove my site from the internet. This is my way of taking a stand...

    If you're of the opinion that this TV software doesn't sound all that bad, keep in mind that YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OF WHAT IS POSTED ON YOUR SITE. Do you want notes left saying that you've stolen graphics? Do you want notes left with your home telephone number on them? Do you want links to XXX websites (unless you've put them there yourself)? What happens when this software evolves to include *images* as well as text?? Feel like having nude photos plastered all over your site? What about someone taking a photo of your beloved child off your site, and "morphing" that photo with someone else's nude body, and then plastering *that* all over sites around the internet??

    Obviously, I have a very strong opinion about this software, and I apologize if I come off as sounding "preachy" or like I'm "ranting and raving"...I just don't think the developers of this software took into consideration all of the things they needed to before they released this program to the public. I don't think they considered how dangerous it could be...

    My best suggestion, would be to visit the links below, and form your own opinion about this software, and then do what you feel is right *for you* in regards to it.

Third Voice Homepage

Say NO to Third Voice